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Sponsorship Application Form

This form is required for all BYU groups wishing to bring non-BYU groups to campus for activities/meetings involving anyone outside of the sponsoring organization. This form must be completed before scheduling facilities.

Request Forms

Spring-Summer Request Form

Fall Request Form

Winter Request Form

Use this form to submit requests for upcoming activities. Activities submitted will be specific to whichever semester you select. You may only submit events for a single semester at a time.

Groups may begin to send in requests for the following Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter semesters on the first business day of August of the year before. Requests should be turned in to the Scheduling office by October 1st for Spring/Summer and by November 1st for Fall or Winter. Requests for Spring/Summer will be confirmed by the end of December. Requests for Fall/Winter will be confirmed late in Winter semester.

If you have questions regarding your request or when to submit it, please contact our office.