Two images are shown. One is of a wall with multiple banners, the second is of a banner in the Wilkinson Center that says, BYU, a tradition of honorFor more information contact Campus Scheduling
Location Size
Banner 1-14 3' x 5' vertically formatted
Garden 1-14 3' x5' vertically or horizontally formatted
Info 1-3 3' x 4' vertically formatted
Info 4 10' x 3' horizontally formatted.
  • The Banner Wall is designated to advertise for activities inside the WSC, Campus Life activities, or for departments located in the WSC.
  • Banners must be in 3371 WSC by 4pm the night before it is scheduled.
  • The Garden Wall is designated to advertise events inside or outside the WSC.
  • Groups that neglect to submit a banner by the 2nd day of their reservation will forfeit the reservation.
  • Each group is allowed 2 banners for a maximum of 2 weeks.
  • Banners will be kept in 1086 WSC for 1 week following their reservation.
  • All banners must be computer generated.