UCC Club Policy


First Day of Class: Clubs may request regular club meetings for the WSC 7:00-8:30pm or 8:30-10:00pm Tuesdays only on the first day of class. Rooms are assigned partially on a first come/first serve basis. Clubs will be notified after the end of the club registration period which room they will receive. 

Semester: Once re-chartered for the next semester each club may begin scheduling large activities for that semester. Academic classrooms may be scheduled throughout the semester starting after class schedules are finalized. (Around 3 weeks from the first day of class.)

One Month: Large activities/dances may be scheduled one month in advance (i.e. CB, KMB, RB, & WSC). This excludes club meetings or practices.

One Week: Club meetings/practices may be scheduled 1 week in advance. (RB, SFH, WSC)

One Activity may be scheduled at anytime for any semester the club is chartered for, or, if approved by the Vice President of Clubs. 

A Room Rental Fee ($20.00) will be charged if clubs do not use their scheduled room. To avoid the fee, rooms must be canceled the day before by 3:00pm with Campus Scheduling.

Scheduling Representatives: Advisor, President and 1 additional club representative are allowed to schedule. To schedule by phone the scheduler shall present their Student ID card in person to Scheduling. Future scheduling over the phone will be possible by using the ID #. To change scheduling representatives the Advisor or President must inform BYUSA who will then give Campus Scheduling the updated information.

Club scheduling is limited to official club meetings and events. No scheduling by clubs should be made on behalf of other clubs, campus organizations (including classes), off-campus organizations, or individuals.

Fundraisers: Must be approved through BYUSA.  Fundraisers must be approved BEFORE a club can schedule a room, request guest services, or advertise for the event. Room rental fees will apply and must be paid before the event. 

Guest Services: Are required at all dances and fundraisers (other activities may also require Guest Services.)