Welcome to the Ernest L. Wilkinson Student Center (WSC). Currently there are sixteen wards meeting in the WSC; twelve from the BYU Second Stake and four from the BYU Twenty-Second Stake. These guidelines are designed to help church leaders and members take full advantage of the resources available in the WSC. Please provide any feedback or suggestions to a member of the BYU Second Stake Presidency (Agent Stake) or the WSC Support Services Office.

After-Hours Building Coordinator (ABC): Due to the heavy use of the WSC throughout each day of every week, there is an ABC on duty during evening hours and on weekends. The ABC represents full-time management. For assistance with WSC issues, the ABC can be reached by calling their radio phone at 801-422-6600. After the tone, dial 703801.

Interview Offices: Each campus ward is assigned, by University Policy, two interview offices. They are available for exclusive church use on Tuesday nights from 6:00pm until 11:00pm and all day Sundays from 6:00am until 10:00pm. Use of assigned interview offices at any other time should be coordinated with the University employee who occupies the office during the day. Please keep all ward materials secured inside assigned file cabinet or storage closet (if applicable).

WSC Building Hours: The WSC opens every day of the week at 6:00am. The building closes Monday through Thursday at 11:00pm; Friday at midnight; Saturday at 11:30pm; and, Sunday at 10:00pm. Bishops are encouraged to conduct all church business in the WSC during building hours. If a special need arises which requires a bishop to stay in the WSC after the building closes, bishops should notify the ABC in advance. After the WSC closes, bishops should exit the building only by one of five doors, each at a main building exit labeled, "After-Hours Exit."

Security: All offices and suites should be locked when unoccupied.  When interviews are held in offices inside a suite, a ward member should be assigned to monitor the suite and should be stationed at the entrance to the suite to control access and to protect materials and equipment not belonging to the ward.

Interview Office Furnishings/Equipment/Supplies: Telephones may be used to conduct local church business. Long distance service is available for church business with an assigned FAC code. Computers, computer jacks, printers, copy machines, paper and other office equipment /supplies are not to be used by ward members. If furnishings are rearranged to accommodate ward needs, they should be put back as they were found.

Sunday Meeting Set-Up/Clean-Up: The WSC Set-up Crew will place racks of chairs in each Sacrament, Sunday School, Relief Society and Priesthood meeting room. The first ward and the last ward to use these rooms on Sunday are assigned, respectively, to set up chairs before meetings and to place chairs back on the racks when meetings are completed. Other equipment, such as risers and podiums, will be set up and taken down by the WSC Set-up Crew. If ward members rearrange couches, tables and/or chairs in suites or lounge areas of the WSC for meetings, members should return the furniture as it was found.

Hymnbooks: Each Sacrament meeting room has a hymnbook cart. Members of the last ward meeting on Sunday should place hymnbooks on the hymnbook cart. If ward members carry hymnbooks to other rooms in the WSC, the hymnbooks should be returned to the hymnbook cart. At the end of the day, the WSC Set-up Crew will put the hymnbook carts away.

Audio-Visual Equipment: IT Services provides microphones in each Sacrament meeting room according to the WSC Sunday Meeting Plan. IT Services are informed of changes in meetings due to stake conferences, combined meetings, One-Stop, etc. Overhead projectors, TV’s, VCR’s and microphones for any meetings should be scheduled by ward leaders with IT Services at 801-422-4000.

Scheduling Meetings: Regular ward Sunday meeting times and locations are assigned by WSC Support Services, Campus Space Management and the BYU 2nd Stake Presidency. To schedule a room in the WSC for a meeting on Sunday, other than the regular meeting block, call the BYU Second Stake Scheduler. To schedule a room in the WSC on any other day of the week, call Campus Scheduling at 801-422-3134. Please be aware that Sacrament Meetings are held in the rooms on both sides of Room 3222 and, occasionally, in Rm 3211, which is next to Rm 3223.  Sound carries between these rooms. Please be considerate when scheduling Rm 3222 or 3223 for choir practice, etc., so that Sacrament Meetings are not disturbed.

Changes in Regular Sunday Meeting Schedules: There are several Sundays during the year when changes are made to regular Sunday meetings due to combining meetings for semester breaks, using rooms for One-Stop student registration, stake conferences, or renovations. Stake and Ward leaders will be notified of these changes in time to make announcements in Sunday meetings the week prior.

Keys: Keys to offices, file cabinets, and storage closets, are issued by the Key Office in the Brewster Physical Plant Building. Problems with keys may be reported to the Key Office or WSC Support Services at 801-422-3111.

Custodial: Please ask ward members to pick up papers, flyers, etc. after the Sunday block of meetings. Please also ask members to clean up rooms after they have been used for ward activities. Adhesive/duct/masking tape and thumb tacksshould never be used to place posters or signs on sheetrock walls or woodwork. Easels may be scheduled through Campus Scheduling.

Fire Alarms: If a Fire Alarm occurs in the WSC, all ward members should immediately evacuate the building by the closest exit. Three members of each ward’s Elder’s Quorum should be assigned to report to the area in front of Jamba Juice where the After-Hours Building Coordinator (ABC) will have them assist in evacuating the building. If the area in front of Jamba Juice is unsuitable for assembling, the back-up location will be 50 ft. outside the north main entrance to the WSC.

Pianos: There is a piano located in most of the meeting rooms in the WSC. If a piano is needed in another room, please schedule it with Campus Scheduling at 80-422-3134. Ward members should not lift pianos from the floor to risers/stages or from risers/stages to the floor. Pianos are regularly tuned twice each year.

Mechanical Folding Doors: These large doors, used to divide larger meeting rooms, may be opened or closed by contacting the ABC. The process requires two individuals, each with a key, who must work together for safety reasons.

Food in the WSC on Sundays: Meals or food for a church group activity or for a "Break-The-Fast Meeting in the WSC on Sundays is not allowed.  Light refreshments for firesides in the WSC on Sundays are permitted.  Please ask ward/stake members to help clean up.

Sacrament Trays: Each ward is responsible to provide their sacrament trays.  Six bread and six water trays are stored in the storage closet of each ward of the 2nd Stake.  Wards belonging to the 22nd Stake should also have their own trays but may use the trays located in Rm 3271 or 2070A.  There is also a file cabinet of sacrament trays in the storage room south of the East Ballroom for use by the wards meeting in the East Ballroom.

Problems: Problems with furniture set-up, room temperature, keys, sound system, etc., should be reported to the ABC or to the Stake Physical Facilities Representative.