Please read the following guidelines carefully. They are given to insure safety and to assist in proper planning for decorating campus facilities. It is important that you have a safe and pleasant experience. We want your event to be a success and will do all we can to assist.

Because it is important to maintain excellent condition of our campus facilities and equipment, your complete cooperation is needed. If you have any questions concerning these instructions, please contact Campus Scheduling at 3371 WSC or 422-3134.

  • The FINAL decorating plan must get approval from Campus Scheduling (for the WSC) or from the head custodian (for all other buildings) at least one week prior to the event.

  • Floor plans must be submitted to Campus Scheduling at least one week in advance. 

  • Due to the heavy use of campus facilities, decorations must be removed immediately following each function. Campus buildings cannot accept responsibility for any decorations or belongings left after any event.

  • Furniture may not be moved without supervision of the building custodian.

  • Custodians will over see all sets, displays, etc.

  • Tacks, nails, adhesive tape, masking tape, scotch tape, painters tape, etc., may not be used on walls, windows, doors, floors, or
    any other part of the building. “Plasti-Tak” or some other form of non-residue adhesive may be used instead.
  • Decorations must be ready to display before they are moved into the building. Any large articles must be brought in through the building loading docks.

  • Heavy articles may be hung only with the permission of the custodian in charge. Nothing may be hung from any ceilings or lights.

  • Ladders may be used for decorating (see building custodian), but groups may not stand on table tops or chairs.

  • The State of Utah Fire Code prohibits the use of hay, straw, corn-stalks, or any highly flammable materials, or dry tinder in any of the campus facilities. Fresh Christmas trees must be treated with retardant.  Gasoline engines are also prohibited. 

  • Open burning candles or liquid-fueled decorations are not permitted in any campus facilities.

  • The use of an open flame in any and all performances of the entertaining arts at BYU, whether campus or touring groups, must be under the supervision and direction of the Campus Safety Office.

  • Tables and booths may not be used within the corridors (except in areas already approved by the Safety Office), on the grounds that no highly flammable or combustible material is allowed in the corridor (Uniform Fire Code, Article 12).  Concourses are often not wide enough to meet the required exit space if tables and booths are present.
  • Campus ecclesiastical leaders are responsible to insure that wards and stakes comply with these guidelines.

  • Helium balloons must be anchored down if used. The fire alarm sensors can be triggered by loose balloons floating to the ceiling. A fine will be charged if the alarm is set off.

  • Small particles, such as glitter and confetti, are not to be used as decorations. An extra cleaning fee will be assessed for use of these materials.

  • Red punch or any other refreshment that stains is prohibited.

  • Please work with Campus Scheduling on other specific requests. We will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible.